Pirates and art and stuff.

2011-12-06 15:39:27 by SodaKick

I really suck at this whole "Hey internet, look at what I did" thing, so naturally I'll do it anyways.

Just uploaded Ninja Haters on the flash portal. Music provided by Captain Dan and the Skurvy Crew! Check it out on youtube as well and tell these dudes how much you like their awesome pirate rap skills. That would be swell. It was a lot of fun to work with these dudes and I hope I can in the future.

I also uploaded some art onto the art portal. Here's how this works. You tell me how bad it is, and I tell you to do something better instead of taking constructive criticism to heart. We do this for about 15 minutes or until one of us flips a table. Sound good? It probably sounds bad, but we can make it work. We've been through worse things, you and I. If we can make it past this, then we can make it through anything. Our relationship is more than symbiotic. And I think if we all hold hands and say something catch phrase worthy over and over again, then maybe our favorite character won't die at the end of that movie that we like.

Hello Internet.

2011-07-20 09:24:01 by SodaKick

I am me, and I love cartoons and I love animation and one day I want to make both for a living. I made a thing out of ponies and posted it here to prove my capabilities to myself and the world around me. That sounds really D Baggy. I just wanted to say though, somewhere, so I chose here, that I'm reading the responses to this absurd cartoon I made, good and bad, and I appreciate all of it. That's all for now. I plan to do more in the future and I hope I do.