Entry #1

Hello Internet.

2011-07-20 09:24:01 by SodaKick

I am me, and I love cartoons and I love animation and one day I want to make both for a living. I made a thing out of ponies and posted it here to prove my capabilities to myself and the world around me. That sounds really D Baggy. I just wanted to say though, somewhere, so I chose here, that I'm reading the responses to this absurd cartoon I made, good and bad, and I appreciate all of it. That's all for now. I plan to do more in the future and I hope I do.


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2011-07-21 00:12:57

Hi, n_n welcome to Newgrounds :D...
I'm from mexico xD, not understand much English but I was pleased to meet you :)


2011-07-24 20:15:49

You should make an adult version of your MLP cartoon where they're lesbians and everything.


2011-08-24 22:02:35

tharos that's a terrible idea.o and btw it's as MLP:FM and yo ucan ask Lauren Faust that cause her account name is LFaust123 for RO-BLOX.


2011-11-21 01:22:18

i bed your scarted cause your flashs, i dure to make a good flash, you have to the end of the year.

if you fail this masion, you suck!

ande i will make a flash that is awesome, and makes fun of you.